Well, this won’t really be interesting, but that doesn’t matter, since nobody reads this anyways. In one day and approx 30 minutes, I will be 18. Seems like an odd number to be a milestone, doesn’t it? Usually milestone birthdays end in a zero or five. But no, this birthday will be the day I become an adult. My feelings on that are in my first post. Thanks to Amy, I’ve now started listening to The Academy Is… . (Bands should never put punctuation in their name, it makes it very hard to have their name at the end of a sentence.) I’ve got an English Part A Diploma exam tomorrow. Kinda nervous about that, but it’s no big deal. I should be sleeping, but I’m just not that smart. (well I am, but whatever) And my friend, Mel, just said she wants chlorine and alcohol… Apparently to make a chlorine bomb. Sounds cool, but after it explodes, what do you do about the chlorine? I’m gonna go to bed now, so to whoever read through this, you’re a saint.  Good night and good luck.


~ by Travis on June 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “Boredom”

  1. Good luck on your exam and Happy Birthday…1 day and approx 30 minutes early!

  2. Thanks!

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