First day and last day

Today is officially the first day that I’m an adult. I’m happy/excited about that. Tomorrow is the last day of High School classes. While I’m excited about that too, I’m also a little sad. It may be the last day I see many of my friends. There are many people I talk to and hangout with at school, but don’t really have contact with outside of school. I guess the thing that freaks me out about all this the most though, is that I’m not ready for the real world. Sure, I’m still going to be going to university, but when my schooling costs over $4k/year, it seems more like the real world and less like school. It just seems weird, 13 years (including Kindergarten) of schooling, where I didn’t really get much homework, and any homework I did get, I could get away with not doing, and now I’ll get at least 2 hours of homework for every hour of class, and I’ll have to do it all. The funniest thing is that throughout all of my schooling, I couldn’t wait to graduate. Now that I’m about, I just don’t feel ready. I’m too young to be 18! I still remember going on a school bus for the first time, and making my mom wait with me. I remember amazing my Kindergarten teacher when I could count to 100. I remember reading before most of my class. I remember the one stupid mad minute I kept failing in Grade 1 because you needed 100% to pass, and my teacher thought my 0 was a 6, so she kept failing me. I remember hating school (well, not really until Junior High), but now I’m not ready to leave. I guess it’s just hard to leave your comfort zone. As Scott Adams said “Free-will is an illusion. People chose the path of greatest perceived pleasure”.

I’m starting to ramble and repeat myself, so I’ll end the post here. Cheers to anybody who reads through the entire post.



~ by Travis on June 14, 2007.

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