It’s quarter to two, and I’m bored. So I have been watching some videos on YouTube (while waiting for my own to be posted). I ended up on some of Chris Rock’s stand up. He actually made a good point about politics. Everybody always feels the need to assign themselves labels. I’ve been guilty of it too. I’ve called myself a liberal. But honestly, who cares? I don’t decide who I’m voting for until election time. This blind loyalty to politicians that people have is retarded. I have friends who blindly support the Liberal Party, others who blindly support the NDP and others who blindly support the Conservatives. Why? Every party has political views I agree with, and political views I disagree with. Crime and Senate Reform: I’m conservative. Health Care and Workers Rights: I’m liberal. Our society is so used to confrontation and labeling that many topics which should have nothing to do with politics are suddenly political.

Global warming and pollution shouldn’t be looked at in terms of your political stance. There is no reason that a Conservative shouldn’t be able to agree with a Liberal or an NDPer when it comes to this. Whether or not global warming is caused by humans or not (and the Earth IS heating up), we need to stop pollution. Why does it matter who you vote for? Why is it that conservatives feel the need to downplay the effects of our polluting? Why is it that liberals are doing nothing but blaming the conservatives for this mess (keep in mind they had a majority government for 12 years)?

Everybody has a different set of beliefs. That will never change. Why is it though, that we can never put those aside and get along? If you ever watch the news and see video clips of Parliamentary Debates, it’s always a bunch of old guys yelling at each other. In other countries, the different political parties can get along. In Sweden, they’ve had minority governments for 40 years. Not once in those 40 years has the government collapsed before the term was over. Political debates are no longer about persuading the audience that your view is correct. The debates are now about persuading the audience that your opponent is an idiot.

But I’ve been sitting here for an hour (mostly watching Dennis Leary clips in between writing), so I’m going to end it here.


~ by Travis on July 13, 2007.

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